miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

DangerousPrototypes IR Infrared Toy as a JTAG Programmer

A japanese page is publishing a project for a pic18F2550 based usb blaster jtag programmer (non smd).

After seeing circuit details I discovered it used some pic18F2550 as was almost compatible with  dangerousprotypes IR Infrared Toy (also they used same xtal frequency), so I downloaded firmware and programmed succesfully this device easily without modifiying firmware source code.


Quartus software recognised it as a USB Blaster JTAG programmer natively, but they also provide an USB Blaster Unofficial driver which let them to use a custom JED Programmer software (but it's incompatible with Quartus, so you have to choose)

They demostrate a Lattice CPLD but I only have Xilinx CPLD (XC9572) so I'm still giving a try to that jtag application, but it seems promising.

Also I have see other site that claim it could be compatible with OpenOCD.

More information on those sites: japanise site 1 and japanise site 2 (use google translator or similar for reading somenthing). Google also "18picblaster".

According to that site, you have to download:
- Firmware and sources for 18F2550 (japanise site 1)
- Firmware and sources for 18F2550 and openocd patch (japanise site 2)
- XP JED Programmer v0.53 and Modified usb blaster driver for Windows (japanese site 1)
- XP JED Programmer v0.54 (for Lattice CPLD's at least) (japanese site 1)


DIY Dangerousprototypes IR Infrared Toy

Several weeks ago, I receive a free pcb from our friends of http://dangerousprototypes.com. It was their IR INFRARED TOY non smd version (more information about design and building)
It is a high quality pcb and so it was extremely easy to build. As at the moment I was only interested in analyze IR signals, I only mounted the IR receiver block (in near future I will continue with IR transmitter), using a socket so I could improve IR reception in future.
Those are some photos: